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What is STEM?

A literate nation not only reads. It computes, investigates and innovates.

STEM education is an economic imperative. Experts say that technological innovation accounted for almost half of U.S. economic growth over the past 50 years, and almost all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will require at least some background in STEM. STEM literacy is also critical because it has a profound and growing impact on our day-to-day lives. It helps us make critical decisions about our health care, our finances and our retirement. It illuminates the ever more complex issues that govern the future of our democracy, and it reveals to us the beauty and power of the world we inhabit.

Comic Books 101

Comic Books 101

Comic books and graphic novels are excellent tools to help teach visual literacy and critical thinking. Historically maligned, comic books are now recognized as powerful literacy learning tools. As we all know, reading is reading and should be encouraged no matter the format. If a reluctant reader is drawn to graphic novels, there are now so many quality publications that you are sure to find interesting and valuable materials to work with. Reading comic books and graphic novels also uses various types of literacies beyond visual literacy. These include gestural (body language), spatial (panels and layout) and symbolic (speech bubbles, icons, etc.). A reader must look at all the elements on the page and interpret and decode them together to make meaning.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Our biomedical engineering program offers a captivating and hands-on opportunity for students to dive into the intersection of biology, medicine, and engineering. Participants in these programs delve into the world of cutting-edge medical technologies, learning how to design and create devices and solutions that can improve healthcare and save lives. They gain an understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and medical processes, applying this knowledge to innovate and solve real-world medical challenges. Beyond technical skills, biomedical engineering programs cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork as students collaborate on projects ranging from prosthetics and medical imaging to drug delivery systems. These programs inspire a sense of purpose as students see the direct impact their work can have on improving healthcare outcomes. Overall, our biomedical engineering program not only prepares students for exciting careers in the biomedical field but also instills a deep sense of responsibility and a passion for advancing human health.

Amusement Park Physics

STEM Genius

Our students design and build amusement park model rides to experience a hands-on opportunity, where they use their imagination to create what we call an Amusement Park Project. This project consists of learning about the history of amusement park rides, the physics and engineering behind them, designing & building models, and the careers within the industry. Our program offers a thrilling and engaging way for students to explore fundamental scientific principles through the lens of exhilarating rides and attractions. In these programs, participants learn about concepts such as Newton's laws of motion, kinetic and potential energy, and centripetal force by analyzing the physics behind roller coasters, ferris wheels, and other theme park rides. They gain hands-on experience through experiments and activities that reveal the science behind the thrills, making complex physics concepts accessible and exciting. Amusement park physics programs not only cultivate a deeper understanding of science but also spark curiosity and a sense of wonder as students discover the secrets behind their favorite rides. These programs bridge the gap between education and entertainment, making learning a roller-coaster ride of discovery and excitement.


STEM Genius

Our coding educational program offers students a transformative experience in the world of technology and computer science. Through these programs, participants acquire essential coding skills, learning languages like Python, Java, or HTML, and gain proficiency in problem-solving and logical thinking. Coding education promotes creativity as students design and develop their own software applications, games, and websites, allowing their imaginations to flourish. Moreover, it encourages teamwork and collaboration as students often work on coding projects together, mirroring the real-world software development process. These programs equip students with valuable skills for the future, as coding is becoming increasingly integral to various industries. Beyond technical expertise, coding education instills perseverance and a growth mindset, teaching students how to tackle challenges and continuously improve their coding abilities. Overall, a coding educational program opens up endless opportunities in the digital age, preparing students for a tech-savvy world and encouraging a passion for innovation and problem-solving.

Esports Gaming


​An esports gaming program provides an exciting and innovative platform for students to engage in competitive gaming while reaping numerous educational benefits. Beyond the thrill of gameplay, these programs offer a structured and supervised environment where students can develop a range of valuable skills. Participants enhance their hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, teamwork, and communication abilities while competing in popular esports titles. Additionally, these programs foster a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship, as students collaborate with teammates and learn to both win and lose graciously. Esports programs also introduce students to the broader world of esports, including potential career opportunities in the industry, such as game development, shoutcasting, and event management. Overall, after-school esports gaming programs tap into students' passion for gaming while cultivating skills that extend beyond the virtual arena, making them a relevant and engaging option for modern education. Welcome to STEM Genius® Esports Gaming.

Master Chess

Master Chess

Master chess provides students with a stimulating and intellectually enriching experience that extends beyond the chessboard. Through this program, participants not only learn the rules and strategies of chess but also develop critical thinking, concentration, and decision-making skills. Chess fosters a sense of discipline and patience, as players must carefully plan their moves and anticipate their opponent's strategies. Moreover, it encourages sportsmanship and resilience, as students experience both victories and defeats, learning valuable life lessons along the way. Beyond the competitive aspect, chess can be a social and inclusive activity, bringing together students of different backgrounds and fostering friendships. This program not only cultivates a passion for the game but also equips students with cognitive skills and character traits that can benefit them in academics and life as a whole.



Our robotics program offers an exciting and educational platform for students to delve into the world of technology and engineering. Participants in such programs get hands-on experience in designing, building, and programming robots, fostering their creativity and problem-solving skills. These programs encourage collaboration and teamwork as students work together to tackle complex challenges, reflecting real-world scenarios in STEM fields. Moreover, robotics programs promote a deep understanding of concepts in science, technology, and mathematics, making these subjects more engaging and accessible. Beyond technical skills, participants also gain valuable life skills such as perseverance, adaptability, and effective communication. In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, a robotics program equips students with the tools they need to thrive in a future driven by innovation and automation.

Recipes 4 MATH

STEM Genius

We make learning how to cook adventurous! By strengthening the students’ understanding of core mathematical measurements and conversions using tasty recipes, we will equip them with the resources necessary to make healthier food selections. A cooking educational program serves as a delectable and enlightening journey into the culinary world, offering students a valuable skill set that extends far beyond the kitchen. In these programs, participants not only learn how to prepare delicious meals but also gain essential knowledge about nutrition, food safety, and cultural diversity through cuisine. Cooking education fosters creativity and independence as students experiment with ingredients, flavors, and techniques. Moreover, it encourages teamwork and communication as they collaborate on recipes and share their culinary creations. These programs promote a lifelong appreciation for healthy eating habits and an understanding of the environmental and social aspects of food production. Ultimately, a cooking educational program empowers students with the ability to nourish themselves and others, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency and cultural awareness while savoring the joys of cooking and sharing meals together.

Underwater Robotics

STEM Genius®_edited.jpg

An after-school underwater robotics program immerses students in a unique and fascinating world where science, engineering, and exploration converge. Participants get the chance to design, build, and operate underwater robots, often referred to as ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). Through hands-on experiences, they gain practical knowledge in mechanics, electronics, and programming, all while exploring the complexities of aquatic ecosystems. This program not only cultivates STEM skills but also encourages problem-solving, innovation, and teamwork as students collaborate to navigate the challenges of underwater exploration. Furthermore, it instills an appreciation for marine science and environmental conservation, as students witness firsthand the importance of preserving and understanding our oceans. Overall, an after-school underwater robotics program sparks curiosity, fosters technical expertise, and nurtures a deep connection to the underwater world, offering a rewarding educational experience for aspiring engineers, scientists, and adventurers.

STEM Genius®

Our fashion program offers a creative and inspiring outlet for students to explore their passion for style, design, and self-expression. Through these programs, participants learn the fundamentals of fashion, from sketching and pattern-making to sewing and garment construction. They are encouraged to unleash their creativity and develop a keen eye for aesthetics. Beyond the technical skills, fashion programs nurture self-confidence and self-esteem, as students see their unique designs come to life. Participants also gain insight into the fashion industry, learning about trends, sustainability, and the business side of fashion. These programs foster a sense of individuality and personal style, empowering students to express themselves through clothing and accessories. In a world where self-presentation plays a significant role, a fashion program not only cultivates talent but also encourages self-discovery and confidence-building, making it a valuable and enriching experience for aspiring fashion enthusiasts.

Architectural Engineering

STEM Genius

Our Architectural Engineering Program seeks to integrate engineering and architecture in ways that blend innovative architectural design with cutting-edge engineering technologies. Our program provides a dynamic and hands-on learning experience for students fascinated by the art and science of building design and construction. In these programs, participants delve into the principles of architecture, structural engineering, and sustainable design, gaining practical knowledge and skills. They learn how to create architectural blueprints, design 3D models, and explore the intricacies of construction materials and techniques. Architectural engineering programs foster creativity and innovation, allowing students to envision and develop their architectural projects. Additionally, they encourage critical thinking and problem-solving, as students navigate the challenges of designing functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable structures. These programs instill an appreciation for the built environment and the role of architectural engineering in shaping our world, making them a valuable educational experience for aspiring architects and engineers alike.

Smart Drone Farming

STEM Genius

Smart farm, precision farming concept. We use drones for various fields like research analysis, terrain scan technology, monitoring soil hydration, yield problem, take photo and send data. Through SMART Drones we can identify specifically where insects eat crops, so that farmers can concentrate where to use their insecticides thus significantly saving and adding to their bottom line.

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